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Abdl Sitter Jenna Sex Talk Part 2
November 5, 2018
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The Cure For Boredom Part 1
November 5, 2018

 I want to cuddle with my sweet ABDL Stacey! I got you an extra roomy crib made especially for you, and it has more than enough space for me to get in there with you. This is one situation where having a midget Mommy is extra nice, because there will be plenty of room for both of us! But we will still end up in a big old cuddly ball, won’t we? You will rest your head against my breasts, wrap your arms around me while I wrap mine around you, and nestle up nice and tight. I bet both of will be sleepy like babies tonight! You will go to sleep with my fingers running through your hair, my other hand resting on your arm while I hum you softly to baby slumber! Would you like me to sing you to sleep? Call me for your sweet mommy phonesex!



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