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Time For The Baby Shower!
June 14, 2020
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No Cumming Allowed Until Mommy Scarlet Tells You That You Can Cum
June 20, 2020

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Okay Baby, ABDL Stacey Scarlet just finished giving you your warm and sudsy bubble bath and dried you off.  You really enjoyed that bath so much, my little diaper lover, that you were splishing and splashing and you had so much fun with your rubber duckie. You are all comfy now in your diaper. Did you enjoy how Mommy gave you a nice ABDL Stacey after rubbing  baby lotion all over your body? Ah yes, I am sure that you did!  Placing you on the diaper pad as I massaged the lavender and chamomile baby lotion all over your little itty bitty pee pee and then massaging your little marbles gave me so much pleasure.  Your little tiny wormy cock stood up like a sore thumb when Mommy’s warm and soft fingers caressed them ever so lightly and pre-cummies started to form in a tiny puddle on top of your pee hole.  I sprinkled the powder all over your miniature genitals as I rubbed it in made so you happy.  I then inserted my pinky finger in your asshole then I put that same finger in your mouth for you to lick. You sucked on it as if it were a lollipop as you enjoyed the taste and loved the smell of Mommy’s finger so very much. After that I lotioned and powdered you up, then I dressed you in your comfy white diapers and your little bonnet, then I fed your some breast milk from my ample tits,  then burped you well then I rocked you back and forth while your eyes began to droop.  I walked to the abdl nursery and placed you inside of your crib, along with your teddie called Goldie, then placed a blue paci in your mouth. After I told you a few bedtime stories, you dozed off and went Ni Ni. You are Mommy’s little ABDL Stacey and you will sleep and have pleasant dreams.  Mommy will make sure to take care of you, comfort you and keep you safe. Sweet dreams my little one, Mommy Scarlet loves you.



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