Spa Day
May 21, 2009
Girl in diapers
June 17, 2009

Kevin, my 17 year old son knows how sad Mommy has been because I was never able to have a baby girl. So this particular day I had a plan for him and how he could make me feel better. I had went shopping all day, and it must have been meant to be because I was able to find everything I needed for my new little girl all in his size! I was so excited and could not wait till he got home from School. “Three o’clock he will be walking through the door any moment now,” I thought to myself.” Ah, there he is!”

Walking into the house “HI MOM!” he shouted.
“Hi sweetheart! How are you I am so glad you’re finally home!” I replied.
“How was your day Mom?” He asked me.
“Well, you know how sad mommy has been with not being able to have a baby girl”, I said to him, he put his head down and the smile slowly left this face.
“Yes, Mom, I know.” He mumbled beneath his breath.
“Well, I have a great surprise!” I said with great enthusiasm.
“You do, what is it?’” The smile came back to his face and his eyes were all bright with anticipation.
*I grabbed him by his hand and led him into my bedroom.*
On my bed were all kinds of girly things laid out. Diapers, wipes, lotion, bottles, pacifiers, a purple dress with matching socks and ruffled panties, white little shoes, a purple bow and some bracelets, and a hula hoop and a baton.
* He looked down at all the things laid out on my bed with surprise. *
“Are you going to have a baby girl, Mom?” he asked with much curiosity.
“I said yes, YOU!” I exclaimed!
“What?” he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head no.
“Yes, Honey, you know how depressed Mommy is and you don’t want mommy to be sad anymore do you sweetie? “
“No, mom, bu..bu…bu…buttttt.” He stuttered.
“Yep, you know how much Mommy does for you all the time that new Wii game, the new iPod, and I phone Mommy bought for you. Now it is your turn to do something for mommy, and you will now be my little baby Karen!”

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