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Once again mommy catches you acting like a bad boy.  Now what did mommy tell you would happen the next time you misbehaved? Hmmm…

Mommy expected this from you, so mommy is already prepared with an outfit just for you.  Since you want to act like a little baby and be a brat, mommy has the perfect punishment for you all picked out.

Mommy grabs your arm and stands you in the middle of the room.  Then mommy makes you stand still as she slowly undresses you of all your big boy clothes.  Telling you, since you don’t want to act like a big boy, mommy has something else in mind.

Once mommy has you completely undressed and standing naked in front of her, she turns you towards the big mirror in the corner.  Take a good look at yourself, everything is about to change dramatically.  Mommy has a little age play in mind for her naughty little boy.

Mommy leads you to the bed, laying you down.  Placing your feet up on the bed, bending your knees…mommy reaches under the bed pulling out a bag.  As you look timidly up at mommy, mommy opens the bag and pulls a package of cute diapers out first.

Oh yes, that’s right…you know how much mommy loves diapers, and now that diaper fetish will involve mommy’s little baby boy.   Mommy opens the package and pulls a nice soft thick diaper out to slide under your little bottom.

Mmmmm mommy has been waiting for this moment, and you acting like a childish little brat has made mommy’s day!  Mommy takes the baby powder and sprinkles it generously over your bottom and peepee.  After mommy rubs it all in, making sure to get between those cute cheeks, under those little balls and all over that twitching peepee.

Now time to close up that diaper and finish transforming you into mommy’s little diaper boy.  From the bag, mommy pulls a few more items… a bib, a paci, and of course a stuffie.  Mommy sits u up and fastens the bib around your neck, nice and big, so everyone will definitely know what a little baby you are.

And for the ultimate diaper humiliation, mommy stands you in front of the mirror so you can see yourself.  As you open your mouth to protest mommy pops the pacifier in.  Shhhh little baby…

Hehe…oh my! What a cute little diaper boy you make.  Mommy leans towards you and presses a kiss to the tip of your nose at the same time she squeezes your fat little diaper.  Mommy can’t wait to take you out and show you off!

Have you been a naughty boy?  Have you been acting like a brat and need an attitude adjustment?  Do you need a mommy to take care of you and treat you how you deserve to be treated?

Don’t let being an adult get in the way of enjoying being mommy’s diaper boy.  Mommy Candy loves taking care of naughty boys!

Mommy Candy


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