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You’re too Little!
July 27, 2019
Boy Wearing the adult baby Diaper
Waking Up To Being Turned Into A Baby
July 31, 2019

When Jim first walked into his interview he was struck with the similar look of all the employees there. It didn’t seem like there was another man in the office at all, rather every single person he encountered seemed to be a mature, attractive woman (what a room full of ABDL Staceys! He thought to himself…). Trying to focus as he entered the conference room, he quickly drank the glass of water that the smiling secretary offered, unaware it contained a powerful age regression drug. He had never been the sort of man to take a woman in authority very seriously and assumed this would be cake, all these pretty women clearly needed a man to take charge of this office! Almost as though she could read his thoughts, the woman across the conference table smiled and motioned for him to sit. All of a sudden Jim felt very strange, as though he was shrinking. This was no typical office, he was right about that, though nothing else. In fact, the role they were looking to fill, the woman explained, was that of age play office baby, and he had very little choice in the matter as he was rapidly being transformed against his will!


Mommy Jackie


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