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A Plethora of Sexual Fun With My Sweet and Sexy Step Son
May 10, 2021
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Aunt Brenda’s Diaper Sissy Training Starts! (part 2)
May 16, 2021




Mommy just loves play time.  There’s nothing better than a cute little one to have my way with.  To dress however mommy wants and to play with any way mommy desires.  Whether in a diaper or a cute little outfit.  Mommy can choose to tie you up or just bend you over and have my way with you.  And mommy has lots of friends who would enjoy playing as well.

Abdl sex is the best.  Mommy can tease you mercilessly in your diaper and then pull that diaper to the side and make you a wet mess.  And mommy just loves watching her little ones play with each other.  Seeing you squirm and writhe as you touch one another.  Humping your diapers against each other, looking at mommy for permission to continue further.

With diaper bondage, mommy’s little ones have no choice in the matter.  Mommy will strip you down and diaper you, and if need be, mommy will tie you up so you can’t take that diaper off.  Mommy has lots of toys at her disposal also to make sure that diaper gets very wet.

Mommy and her friends will make good use of your cute little diapered bottoms.  Adult babies will be moaning and whimpering all over the play room.  Begging for attention, begging to cum.  Begging for mommy time.

Mommy Candy always makes sure everyone is taken care of.  That everyone has made a sticky cummies for mommy (at least once).  Mommy loves hearing the gasps and sighs as those trembling little bodies settle from a massive explosion.  No rest for the wicked!  Mommy won’t let you rest long before she has you squirming again.

A big play date with mommy, all her babies, and all her friends.  Hours on hours of intense orgasms and piles on piles of wet soggy diapers.  It will be a non-stop pleasure party.  With Mommy Candy at the center.

And mommy likes it all, nothing is too much for mommy.  Any and all fetishes make mommy excited.  And mommy just loves a good time!

There are so many ways to play with mommy from calls, to incest chat, to private text… and you can be as nasty and naughty as you like.  Mommy definitely loves getting naughty.  And Mommy Candy is always wet and aroused.

There are many services offered to adult babies for play time.  And the mommies are always willing to help you figure out the best way to play.  We have the best dispatcher to set you up with the best mommy for your pleasure.  So don’t let anything stand in your way for a good time with mommy.

And if you have a fetish that you feel is too extreme to share, remember this mommy likes it all.  And I would love to hear all about what gets you excited.  Call mommy today and let out all your dark little secrets.  See if you can make mommy cum as mommy plays with you til you explode.

Mommy Candy


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