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October 23, 2022
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Sexy Night Out: There are so many ideas for Halloween costumes. From cute to scary to sexy, anything your imagination can come up with The possibilities are endless. So many to choose from, and the one constant with any of my choices is a diaper, of course.

Maybe incorporate a little sexy with my scary this year. Sadly, there is no diaper with this costume, but I think I can fix that. Anything can be made into an ABD themed outfit; you just have to add a diaper. And goodness knows, I have plenty of diapers.

Would you give me candy, or would you give me something more fitting to my costume? If I have been a naughty girl, will I get punished? And how will you punish me? Will I cry in pain or moan in pleasure? You can do anything you want to me.

I love anything and everything that has to do with Halloween. From dressing up to trick-or-treating to the candy coma, Halloween is the best holiday of the year for an adult baby diaper lover such as myself. The best thing ever is getting to wear a diaper without feeling judged and then being rewarded with candy for your creativity.

If you got to be anything in the world for Halloween, what would you be? Would you make your own costume or find something at the store that caught your eye? Would you tell anyone what you were going to dress up as, or make them wait until Halloween night and surprise them?

There is just so much fun to be had at this time of year, from fall festivities to Halloween parties. And all of it can be done in a cute little diaper, or at least that’s my plan. I will be the cutest, scariest little one out there. And you can never have too much candy.

I love candy just as much as I love Halloween. And there’s just something about going door to door and not knowing what you will get that makes it that much more exciting. Candy earned is better than candy bought. Or something like that.

You have one week to make the final decisions as to what you want to go as for Halloween. What will you dress up as? Do you have your costume already? And when you dress up, do you like to use make-up or wear masks? I myself like to use makeup instead of a full-face mask.

What’s your favorite holiday, and why? Do you dress up or celebrate it in a special way? Is your celebration a family tradition or something that you recently started to do? Do you prefer to be in groups or do it by yourself? I would love to hear from you.

Call and tell me all about what you like to do, and I’ll do the same. We can exchange funny stories and naughty ones as well. We will have so much fun with each other. I’m ready and waiting to play with you. Click Here

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