Tearful Spanking and Diapering Anime
Poor Little Sissy Baby Gets Humiliated!
September 13, 2020
Mommy's Cute Girl Sucking The Milk From feeding Bottle
Feeding the Hungry Babies
September 13, 2020

Aww, daddy left you at home and you are feeling a little blue, are you? Well you should really be considering yourself lucky that your devoted daddy found himself a sexy MILF like me to be your new step mommy. I have experience under my belt that so many of these wanna be’s who came your daddy’s way can’t claim. I have gotten the chance to take care of countless little adult baby and sissy sweethearts. All types of them. I am known for enforcing strict rules and having a very no nonsense attitude. Nothing gets past me, and I keep all of my babies in line with ruthless punishment. I am not afraid to get creative either, so you had better stay on your toes! Feel like talking back? That is just fine with me, as long as you are prepared to deal with the consequences of your bad choices. I have made many a bad baby stand out on the front lawn in nothing but a diaper. You might not think that sounds too bad, but after I make sure you have had a few spoonfuls of castor oil, you will find that your bottom just can’t control itself. I wonder what the kids and families and people passing through the neighborhood will think when they see a big adult baby standing outside pooping his diaper over and over again! I wouldn’t miss seeing your face for the world!

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