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My Little Submissive ABDL Slut
May 31, 2020
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June 3, 2020

What exactly am I looking at here? It appears to be… but no… it could not possibly be… a penis? I have been an ABDL mommy for quite a long time and I have yet to have ever seen something quite so itty bitty little! Look at how it jumps and twitches before I ever even lay a finger on it. All it takes is for me to take my finger dangerously close to the tip of that teeny little thing, and it starts throbbing and trying to get hard. I say trying because although it is physically getting harder and swollen, it does nothing to increase or add to the size, or lack thereof. You poor baby. This is why an adult baby needs their mommy. Do you think any other woman in this whole wide world would be able to do anything with that pathetic little pecker? No woman would ever be able to get an ounce of pleasure from this useless organ of yours. Really, most of them probably would not even be able to take one good look at it without doubling over into fits of laughter. Don’t even get any wild ideas about them taking the time out of their day to touch it, because women don’t give something that pathetic the time of day. Small penis humiliation might seem harsh, but tough love is what a baby like you needs to make sure that you remember each and every day just how much your mommy goes through in order to take care of you and teach you these important facts about you and your body. There is no place for you other than safe and sound in my arms, and I am all too happy to make sure that you always know that your place in this world is with me.
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