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September 4, 2017
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Spot The Sissy Fag

Hot girl pressing boobs vigorously

I think it’s time to play a little game I like to play with all my callers Let’s see if you can spot the sissy faggot.  First you just need to take a minute and think about everything a sissy faggot loves. Well for starters there’s a big possibility they’re into sissifacation phone sex.  They might be wearing a skimpy little dress with some cheap pair of panties on underneath. They may even have their little dick clothes pinned down so that it won’t poke up against their panties. So believe me when I say that you will have no problem spotting them while you’re in public because they stick out like a deer in the headlights. So now that you know everything you need to know about spotting sissy fags, are you ready to play the game? Well I’ll give you the only hint you’ll need to know. You should start by looking in the mirror. That’s right. It’s you!

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