Nap Time For A Fussy Adult Baby!
June 12, 2019
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Cuckold Diaper Boy
June 17, 2019

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When I was out shopping the other day, I knew I was running low on formula in the nursery and needed to pick some up so I did not hear any adult baby tummies growling to be filled. I like to alternate between breast feeding and formula feeding my little ones so that they always remember just how precious our time breastfeeding together is. I was checking out all of the options and reading the different benefits to babies’ health that they offer, and a sign for a sale caught my eye. It was a new brand of formula that had only just hit store shelves, and it was not one that my mommy friends or myself had ever tried for our little ones. I purchased several cans of the formula and went home, happy to feel my wallet had retained its thickness despite the mass purchase. When I got home, I prepared a group serving of bottles and lined my sweeties up on the nursery carpet for dinner time. I watched them happily guzzle it up and they dozed off to sleep watching cartoons, many a thumb or paci in their drooling mouths. When I woke up there was a very stinky sissy sitting in my lap, looking at me with wide eyes. I hopped up and plopped them on the carpet, covering my nose. It was worse than I could have imagined as I looked up to see every one of those littles waddling around with saggy diapers so stinky it was making my eyes water! To only make it more chaotic, they were now approaching me one by one, cheeks red with embarrassment at the humiliation of having pooped their diapers so many times so quickly. I heard them farting and pooping their pants still as I frantically reached for wipes, powder, stacks of diapers and the nearest diaper sissy to start change. What a nightmare! That was the last time I was going to risk buying an unknown brand of formula again! My little ones showed me that it was just too much for their tummies to handle!
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