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November 8, 2020
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November 10, 2020


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Little Jimmy just loves dressing like a sissy with frilly socks and girly dresses and his favorite, diapers. One day little Johnny’s parents had to rush to an unexpected business trip and they hired me Cousin Jenna to take care of him.

Upon arriving I noticed little Johnny’s pants were buldging in the back, he looked at me ashamed and asked “ so what’s your name?” I responded “Cousin Jenna”. Jenna went on saying, “I thought I was going to be baby sitting a baby or someone much smaller and younger than you are, hahahah”. Little Johnny walked away ashamed and as he turned around and walked away, Cousin Jenna could not ignore that very nasty disgusting smell. “OMGG what is that disgusting smell? Did you shit yourself? Little Johnny looked at Jenna and tried running to the bath room, Jenna ran behind and caught him by his shirt and said “pull your pants down right now!” Little Johnny hesitated and said “please don’t laugh at me”. Cousin Jenna proceeded to pull his pants down and there it was a dirty poopy diaper covered with a pink panty. Cousin Jenna started laughing historically saying “omg your such a disgusting sissy boy, look at you so big wearing panties, diapers and shitting on yourself hahahahhahah, you should be ashamed of yourself, said Cousin Jenna. “ I bet you need someone to always clean your poopy diaper sissy boy”. Little Johnny cheeks turned extremely red in embarrassment. He lowered his head in shame and started tearing up a little bit. “ Awwwww the little diaper boy is embarrassed aren’t you? Huh?” said Jenna, “well guess what?” Jenna Continued “ I am going to make you stay in your poopy diaper all day! Little Johnny responded “ No cousin Jenna please no” with his voice cracking after every word. “Please change me and feed me cousin Jenna, I am very hungry, my mommy fed me once this morning”. Little johnny plead. Cousin Jenna laughs out of control historically and responded, “that’s too bad little Johnny all your going to have today is water”. Jenna continues to laugh.

She then walks towards little Johnny’s room and noticed a lot of girly stuff and clothes in his room. Jenna laughs uncontrollably “So you’re really a sissy poopy little baby aren’t you.” Hahaha. Little Johnny looks down ashamed playing with his fingers. “I’m going to dress you up like the little sissy you are and take you outside where everyone can see you in your little pink dress and your frilly socks and they are all going to laugh at you because of how stupid and dumb you look”. Little Johnny proceeded to beg cousin Jenna not to make him go outside in a dress with his poopy diapers on but cousin Jenna could care less. She continued to get him dressed up so he can be humiliated by everyone outside. Little Johnny continued to beg. “Please cousin Jenna please, I will do anything you want me to do please don’t humiliate me please, I will take my messy diaper off now!” cousin Jenna then laughs and responds. “It’s too late now Johnny Boy, you should’ve thought about that before you shit on yourself. Now everyone is going to laugh at you and make fun of you. Said cousin Jenna. She continued stating “ and if you don’t ,do everything I say I am going to punish you even more and put you on time out in your stinky poopy diapers with a big loser hat on her head and I will have everyone throw stuff at you, call you names and laugh at you”. Little Johnny face turns even more red and tears start flowing uncontrollably from his eyes. “No Cousin Jenna please! I would never wet my diaper ever again!” said Little Johnny.


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