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Time For Your Petticoat Punishment
June 4, 2019
Learning to be a Sissy — Part 1
June 8, 2019

As my fellow ABDL Stacey surely know all too well, every once in while even the littlest of adult babies can have a moment of fussiness where they think they are big now and don’t need diapers. Whenever that happens it’s important to remind a pouty diaper boy why they are there. I like to start by reminding my helpless baby that Mommy always knows best, and asking again if he really thinks he is a big boy now? Of course the correct answer is no but in the middle of an “I wanna grow up” tantrum my diaper boy is likely to keep the charade up with an indignant “Yes I am!” At which point it’s time for a dose of Mommy’s diaper humiliation. Standing in front of a mirror, we go from head to toe detailing just how far from a big boy my little one really is. Call me for your very own reminder of where you belong- in diapers for Mommy!


Mommy Jackie


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