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August 14, 2022
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Abdl is Forced to Use Their Diaper!: I really don’t know what Ronnie was thinking this afternoon when he had his little fit in the diaper aisle at the drug store. I imagine that his emotions got the best of him for a time, but the common sense that I know he has should have reminded him of exactly how much patience I have with that kind of behavior. It’s basically none, which is why I had him bent over with my hand coming down on the back of those tender thighs. I reminded him that he doesn’t get to show out in public, and definitely not about him not wanting to wear any more diapers. All this trouble over something that can’t be changed? No sir! Oh, but he wasn’t too happy about that, crying even harder and telling me to stop, that he would be a good boy. Of course, people were turning around to look, and more noticed him than if he just hadn’t had a tantrum! All worried about someone noticing his diaper bulge and whether that was the best thing for him to do? He brought on his own public diaper humiliation. There’s more than one reason why he needs to stay in his diapers and stay a silly baby!

Once I was satisfied with the spanking (for the moment), I took Ronnie by the hand, waited in line to pay for the diapers, and walked him to the car, with him sniffling all the while. He didn’t say a word while I put him in his car seat, and I could see by the look on his face that he knew he still had some discipline coming his way. He sat quietly in the living room while I put everything away and followed me to his nursery without any problems when I told him too. He almost convinced himself to fuss some more when he saw the forced feeding tube, but I quickly told him not to make it worse for himself, and he shushed then. I changed his diaper, putting him in three thick cloth diapers and some lockable plastic diaper covers, along with baby mittens and booties. I strapped him down in his crib, his arms and legs held down tight, another strap across his waist—he was not going anywhere! Ronnie couldn’t help but toss his head around a bit when it was time to put the gag on, but I finally got it on him, everything nice and snug the way it needs to be.

Now, I have made sure that he’s swallowed plenty of water and formula, and it’s paying off. His diapers are swelling and filling up, and they warm against my hand when I reach down to squeeze them. I can’t wait till there is so much moisture that his pee starts to leak into the plastic pants! I’m going to tease him about that until he makes cummies from the embarrassment. Got a diaper fetish of your own? Go ahead and call me anytime for some kinky age play phone sex! Click Here

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