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February 15, 2016
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February 21, 2016
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abie boy to be a sissy

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Mommy can always train her adult bABie boy to be a sissy. It is pretty simple you know. Mommy takes care of all your needs, so when mommy wants something from you, you are quick to please me. You do want to please mommy don’t you? So when mommy gets the idea in her head that making you into a sissy will be fun, even if you are not sure, you trust that mommy would not hurt you. It all starts out pretty innocent at first. I take you out shopping and the first place we go is in the lingerie shop. I have always noticed your fascination with satin. When I have held you while breastfeeding you have always rubbed my gown between your fingers till you have fallen asleep. I walk to the satin panties and to your shock start asking you which ones you would like mommy to buy for you? Come back for more on mommy Tawny’s sissy story or call me and we will make one up for you.

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