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July 12, 2021
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July 17, 2021


Antonio my submissive called me for scat phone sex because this is what he wanted to talk about today.  He tried to beat around the bush about it and he was hesitant to talk about it initially because he was embarrassed.  He seemed to temporarily forget that I am his dommy mommy and I am the one that makes the rules and decides what he does with his body.  So, without hesitation we started to do our scat themed abdl roleplay and I had him get ready to take an enema.

That was when things took a different direction in out scat roleplay phone sex and he admitted to me that he could go along and insert the enema that I insisted that he put in but he was not sure that something would come out of his asshole.  At this point I was puzzled and curious to know why is it that something won’t be coming out of his asshole.  He then told me that his bowels were empty at the moment and the reason is because he took it upon himself to take a swim earlier in his pool and instead of coming outside of the pool to use the bathroom he decided to shit in the pool!

I was shocked to hear that he shit without my permission and he did it in the pool which I did not authorize.  I asked him what did he do with the shit and he told me that he left it in the pool. I asked him who else uses the pool besides him and he told me that his family uses it but they were away for the weekend.  I called him a weak ass pathetic pussy who was a selfish fuck and I told him to go to the pool and retrieve the shit.

He told me that it could have possibly dissolved already and I asked him to describe it and tell me if it was soft, runny or hard. He told me that they were solid chunks of shit that resembled chewed up snicker bars.  I said to him that they would still be in the pool and he should go and get it immediately.  He walked over to the pool and once he retrieved it in his hands I told him to eat it all up.  He hesitated a bit and begged me not to make him eat it but I ignored him and told him to eat it all up.  He chewed it up and swallowed it all down and he was grunting while he was doing it .

After he swallowed the shit, he was told to get his hands wet with more pool water and I told him to bend over and pull his diaper down and spank his bare ass with his wet hands 50 times on each ass cheek as part of his punishment for what he did earlier in the pool and he did just that.  Every lash was to be more intense than the last and in the end his rear end was so swollen it was hard for him to sit down.

This is what happens to my little bitch submissive and this is what will happen to you.  I had him eat his own shit and I made him fuck up his own ass with his hands and he will never ever forget it.  Call me now so I could do the same exact shit to you.



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