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February 12, 2021
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February 15, 2021

sissyI recall receiving an incest phone sex  call this week from a wonderful caller that I derived so much intense fun, pleasure and enjoyment.  I was the caller’s Aunt Brenda and the caller was my little nephew who I quickly feminized and turned into my niece.

He first called me while he was wearing his blue, red and white plaid oversized boxers, white ripped cotton t-shirt and white cotton stained socks, then a short time into our call he ended up in a frilly yellow onesie with white lace with matching yellow mittens and footsies and a matching head covering. This was a cosplay outfit that his twin had purchased for a party, and I had him put it on for us to play. Though he was hesitant at first, I knew… because of my auntie instincts that deep down inside he wanted to be a sissy and be feminized.

I took control of the call and found out that he had a fraternal twin with which they shared a similar body type. I made him fetch specific belongings from her room as he shared that they were roommates and he was home alone at the time.

I had him wash his face with an apricot scrub to remove the dead skin cells from his face and then I made him apply a charcoal mud mask afterwards to draw out embedded dirt and oil.  Afterwards he shared that he had a unibrow and I walked him through with how to remove it with a tweezer and how to use a razor to shape his brows. He had the hairiest of legs and I rectified that immediately by having take a disposable razor to get the silkiest legs possible.

His hair was dark brown and long and was naturally curly like a woman’s hair and he already was knowledgeable into wearing makeup so I had him apply some foundation and red lipstick. He dressed in his twin’s frilly yellow onesie with white lace with matching yellow mittens and footsies and a matching head covering and it was at that point that I was satisfied with his transformation and he officially became my sissy. He was no longer a “he” to me, he was now a “she”… and she was no longer a rugged guy, she was now a true vision of beauty. Soft, feminine, pretty and beautiful was the vision of my beautiful sissy.

I made her watch herself in her floor length mirror that she had in her room and recite positive affirmations to herself.  She confirmed to herself that she was beautiful, a goddess, an amazon and a queen.  She held her head high and straightened out her posture and when she sat she crossed her freshly shaved legs.

Her presence, her style, her demeanor all screamed, “woman” and she was pretty and proud. And at that point I pulled her yellow frilly onesie to the side and started to play with her pretty little pink pussy and finger her tight asshole at the same time until she came so hard in her pretty yellow sissy outfit. She enjoyed it immensely as she knew that this is the kind of treatment that she will have to expect as my little sissy; for me to poke any hole on her body that I want as often as I want.

I truly enjoy feminization phone sex as it always enjoyable as it affords me the opportunity to dress up my little sissy anyway that I want. Somedays my little sissy will be a barbie doll, and other times a pretty princess. There are days when she will be a marvelous mermaid and other days a sultry sexpot.

No matter what the role-play fantasy, when you are a phone sex milf like I am, I will dispense the pleasure and the fun. And if my little sissy were to go off track and become sassy with me, I have no qualms about spanking her little bottom in her prettiest panties or ripping them off to have her ass be exposed and bare.



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