Mommy’s Little Sissy Cuck
April 11, 2022
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Tiny Sabrina Is A Sexy Mommy AND A Sexy Baby!
April 14, 2022

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Auntie Brenda Gives Her Boy A Creamy Treat!: Johnny tiptoed down the hallway, trying to miss all the squeaky boards; he didn’t want Mom to hear him as he got closer and closer to her room. He couldn’t look away from the crack in her door, the light spilling out across the floor, as he started to hear her moans become louder and his breathing getting harder and harder. It had started twitching before he even got out of bed, because he knew exactly what he would see when he peeked into his mom’s bedroom. And there she was, stretched out on her bed with her thighs spread apart and her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. He could hear it squelching from there; she was just that wet! Her nightie was bunched up around her waist, her tits bouncing as she rocked her hips and played with her nipples with her other hand.

He fumbled with his pajama pants for a few seconds, so turned on that his fingers were shaking, and started to jack off as soon as he got his fingers wrapped around his cock. Johnny did his best to stay slow and quiet, so when Mom started talking to him, he froze up in fear and more than a little embarrassment.

“I can hear you out there, dear. I’ve heard you every night that you peek on me; you aren’t the quietest breather when you get too excited, I can tell you that. Why don’t you come in?”

Johnny pushed the door open enough to get a full view of his mom, and some coffee dribbled out of his cock and down his fingers.

She pulled her fingers out of her pussycat and crooked them at him, telling him to come closer, and he stumbled to her, stopping with her hand on his chest.

“You’ve watched me play with myself more than a few times, haven’t you? Stroking your cock until you came in the palm of your hand… “Peeking in on me is better than any of that mommy porn that you like to watch.”

Johnny wanted to deny watching anything like that (even though he had), and he even opened his mouth to say so, but then Mom slid her hand down his body to cup his cock through his pajamas. She barely gave it a squeeze before he was coming, his whole body shaking and quivering in pleasure and humiliation!

“Oh, you must have been even more excited than I thought, coming so quickly! Why don’t you come up here so I can help you clean up the mess you just made?”

Johnny felt like he was in a daze while Mom pulled his pajamas off and then pulled him up onto the bed to lay down next to her. She licked and sucked him till he got hard again and came in her mouth that time! He touched her all over and came inside her pussy, and they played like that all night long until they both passed out, sweaty and filthy and feeling very good. Got some kinky thoughts about mom-son sex yourself? Go ahead and call me for some sexy phone sex! Click Here

Aunt Brenda


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