Hottest Structured Boy wearing the Adult diaper
Diaper Fetish Phone Sex
August 11, 2019
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Diaper Boy Humiliation
August 16, 2019
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How would you like to have a diaper girl of your very own to take care of and play with all day long? A sweet thing that wants nothing more than to play in her diapers with all the toys you get her, and splash in the tub when it’s bath time. If you decide to put her in double or even triple diapers one day, she won’t make a single fuss, just waddle and giggle around the house while you watch with a smile. Now, that doesn’t mean she won’t be naughty on occasion, get up to some mischief that forces you to put her over your knee for a good bare handed spanking once her diaper is down past her bottom! No matter how adorable an adult baby might be, you can’t let discipline go to the wayside. That’s just asking for trouble. Just how much would you love to play with your diaper girl? Go on and call me for some diaper fetish phone sex and tell my how much you would love that!



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