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February 19, 2022
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February 21, 2022


I Love To Play Pretend: Every now and again, I like to do a little mommy roleplay and pretend that I am a mommy. A loving mommy that takes very good care of her son. And I want to do everything that a mommy can do for her sweet baby boy. I want to make my baby feel so good.

I have always had a breastfeeding fetish; there’s nothing that feels as good as having my nipple sucked on. It feels like it’s connected straight to my clitus. As I cradle you in my arms, you pull my hard nipple between your teeth and then close your lips around it as you start nursing.

While you suck on my boob, I slide my hand down the front of you. I stop just as my fingers brush over your hard, throbbing cock. I feel you sucking harder as you try to push against my hand. I bite my lip at the sensation and stifle a moan. I slowly lower my hand.

I grasp your hard dick and start to jerk you off. I’m stroking you up and down, picking up speed as I feel you start to hump against me. I roll to the side, pulling you on top of me. I spread my legs and felt you press against my wet pussy. I rub your cock up and down against my pussy, tapping you against my clitoral.

Mommy-son sex is just what we need to satisfy our lustful urges. We need to fuck ourselves silly and cum over and over. Just the thought of being fucked by my son makes my pussy squirt. And now I want it to squirt all over your dick as you penetrate me.

Make mommy cum on that young cock. Make mommy moan like a whore and beg for more as you pound mommy’s pussy. Make mommy your little slut. Make mommy squirt all over.

Mommy-son roleplay is so much fun, and I just love the thought of being a naughty mommy who fucks her son. Kinky incest sex is a real turn-on for me. I’m usually daddy’s good little diaper girl, but I just love when I get to pretend to be the hot mommy that her son is infatuated with.

Call me and let me be your mother. I will take very good care of you and all your sexual needs. You will be my good little boy and let mommy have her way with you. You will nurse from mommy; you will play with mommy’s pussy; you will fuck mommy. And mommy will suck your dick, ride your face, and take that cock over and over.

Mommy and her son will have the most intimate relationship. Let me be your mommy, and you will never want another. I am curious about all fetishes, so give me a whirl and let me be your phone girl. I will do and be anything or anybody you want.

So, if you’re looking for someone to play with who is very open-minded, call me today! Click Here

Abdl Stacey


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