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A little adult baby like you needs an abdl mommy to take real good care of you.  And Mommy Candy is perfect for the job.  Mommy loves diapering her little ones and when that diaper gets so full and soggy, mommy enjoys herself tremendously.  Mommy can’t stop herself from squeezing and poking heavy squishy diapers.

For those little ones that are nervous about their diaper fetish or are too timid to embrace their baby sides, abdl hypnosis will help you with your fetishes and desires.  Mommy can help you open your mind and relax your body, so you can let that cute adult baby out.

Then mommy can strip you of all your big clothes and get you into that diaper where you belong.  Mommy will make you feel so comfortable that you will be crawling into mommy’s lap for cuddles and butterfly kisses.  You will be the carefree little diaper baby that you have always wanted to be.

Mommy is here to take care of all your needs, regardless of what they are.  Nothing is off limits for Mommy Candy, so anytime you need to vent, need to talk, need to play or just need an outlet, mommy is ready and willing.  Adult baby diaper lovers will always have a mommy at their disposal.

Mommy Candy is here for you and mommy will take you away from all the big world stresses and make you forget all about being a yucky adult.  Mommy will whisk you away to a fun fantasy and fulfill all your dreams.  You will become mommy’s sweet little baby.

For those nervous, shy little ones there is abdl chat available so you can text with a mommy until you feel comfortable and brave enough to call and play.  Mommy will help you lower you defenses so you can completely enjoy being an adult baby.  And nothing is taboo with mommy, so let those little freak flags fly hehe.

Mommy loves it all and mommy would love to help you in every way possible.  Mommy will have you cooing and using your diapers in no time at all.  You will be powerless and will only be able to enjoy being mommy’s baby.

Soon a diaper will be second nature, no more big potty for you.  You will use your diaper for peeing, pooping and making sticky cummies for mommy.  That’s Mommy Candy’s favorite part mmmm.  Mommy knows you will love the feeling of that wet warm diaper rubbing on you every time you move.

And of course. mommy won’t be able to keep her hands off you and your full saggy diaper.  Diaper rubs and diaper pats.  Squeezing that squishy diaper every time you waddle or crawl by.

Are you a diaper lover, that would love to have someone take care of you and change your messy diapers?  Are you tired of being a grown up and just want to be babied for awhile?  Do you dream about being curled up next to mommy and nursing while mommy rubs your little diaper?

Abdl Mommy Candy


Click here to chat with a phone mommy.

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