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December 6, 2020
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December 13, 2020

i am a Mommie who loves very loaded diapers, I normally don’t change my baby till he gets a very saggy droopy diaper. i am true definition of a ABDL Stacey  I just get fascinated when I see a little one in diapers and the way he waddles in the diaper especially when it’s loaded full of treasures for mommy to change. and I will be so honest with you, I more extremely fact about diapers and me is I get really turned on when I go to change my little one and may give them some fun, I mean its not fun to him but I know Mommie surely loves it.

mommy is a type that gets really really turned on when I lay you down and slowly start taking off the diaper and sees all the dirty mess that you have made for me after I clean you up put fresh baby powder on you and get you ready for mommies little playground when I look at your little clitty just laying there kind of risen up for Mommie I think about incest roleplay with my son, I just slowly grab your little clitty as much as I kind for it is so small, sometimes I just rub up in down on it for its too small to put in my hands, Mommie plays with it for a few get it a little more hard for Mommie, then I slowly put it as much as I can in my mouth, and pop my lips on it for its still too small and its fully hard for Mommie, I love when you cummies in Mommie mouth so that’s what I wait for…. I like feeling all your premature cummies ooze in Mommie’s mouth its such a surprise for I don’t want you to tell Mommie when it’s coming I want you to shock me.

afterward when Mommie is all done with getting all your cummies out I got to put a diaper on you and you’re so not ready to get in it so Mommie then has to put force into diaper to put it on you, it is a big fight for I have to basically hog tie you on the table to calm you down after putting the diaper on you, after running you down like a bat out of hell Mommie is so tired and ready to go to bed, I’m thinking about just keeping you hogtied up on the table for when Mommie wakes up in the morning your diaper will still be on for me to satisfy my cravings in the morning, if I don’t keep your tied up you will be angry still and take it off when Mommie goes to bed, but if you do I may plan on giving you a punishment tomorrow if you do a humiliation punishment hmmm I’m not really sure what it may be but I will think of it over night.

ABDL Mommy Crissy


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