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Strict ABDL Humiliation
December 6, 2020
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December 8, 2020

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Eric really couldn’t believe that this was happening to him, it was ridiculous! He needed to stay at his aunts for a semester, he couldn’t afford anything else, and she had whole-heartedly agreed… with one little catch. She said that he had to wear a diaper, because of an accident he had ten years ago. Of course, he argued about it, they had a huge fight over it, but in the end he didn’t have a choice. Wearing a diaper around the house, as horrible as it sounded, wouldn’t be as hard as sleeping in his car for months. He was mortified about the whole thing, but Auntie Brenda had said that if he could go a week without having an accident, he would be allowed to take the diapers off permanently, so he laid down on the couch while she could put him in a very thick one.  After she was done powdering him and taping up the embarrassing cutesy diaper he moved to get up when his stomach started to cramp a little bit.  He pressed a hand to his belly button, then suddenly felt the oddest sensation that he quickly realized was his bowels relaxing and emptying into the abdl diaper he swore he wouldn’t need! It wasn’t quiet either, and Aunt Brenda gasped a little, and asked him if he’d just made a poopy diaper. He hollered out ‘No!’, but the noises and smells coming from his rear told another story! Auntie gave him a time-out, setting him on the floor in the messy diaper, saying he could get up when she decided! So here he was sobbing just like a little baby! He was going to be forced to wear diapers for the whole summer and thinking about it just made him cry harder.  She must have slipped some kind of laxative into his sweet tea earlier, that was the only explanation for what was happening.

Eric shifted a little against the floor, trying to get comfortable despite how hard the floor was, but all that did was squish the poopy mess in his diaper around and make him blush from embarrassment.  At the same time another whiff from his diaper lifted to his nose Auntie Brenda started to laugh, and he just knew that she was laughing at him! The tears he had been holding back plopped out his eyes, and he couldn’t hold back a weak sob.  He had been so angry when Auntie Brenda forced him into diapers, telling him that even though he was nearly nineteen years old and it had been ten years since he’d wet the bed, she simply couldn’t trust him to not mess up her guest bed.  Now here he was, marinating in a disgusting poopy diaper, waiting for Auntie Brenda to change him out of it whenever she was ready. All the straining and force had made his wet the diaper too!  Don’t you think he should be forced into diapers? Call me for some diaper domination phone sex to tell me all about it.

Aunt Brenda


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