Girl Playing with the baby colorful moving animal
Turned Into A Baby By Your New Neighbor! (part 1)
August 16, 2020
Mommy Spanking Femdom Hard and torch by Her daughter
Spanking Is A Necessity!
August 17, 2020


My little ABDL baby boy has been unemployed for sometime.  He was excited when he received the call to interview in person in an hour that he raced to the location without thinking. He was still wearing his diaper from the night before and because he had no time to take a shower he just jumped into a business suit and a taxi and made it to the interview on time.  Upon arrival he was told to sit and wait to be interviewed.  He sighed a breath of relief, as all seemed to be working out in his favor. It was then that he froze as he remembered what happened last night when we decided to role play medical doctor and kidnapped patient.  I was the depraved doctor and he was my poor and defenseless kidnapped patient.  I tied him up with my silky stockings and gagged him with a cherry red ball gag, then I used a spreader on him to open up his legs in order for his tight and taut little submissive ass to be exposed for my pleasure.  It was at that point that I then decided to insert 5 suppositories into his anal cavity and I sealed up his asshole with a 9 inch butt plug that he was told not to remove without my permission. I then spanked his ass for minutes until it was sore and swollen enough for my liking. It was at the location of the interview, while he waited that he recalled that he had not taken a shit as yet and the butt plug from the night before was still in his ass! Horrified, he anxiously got up to ask the receptionist for the direction of the bathroom and at the same time the Interviewer concluded his last meeting and shook his hand and welcomed him into his office to be interviewed.  Mason was devastated, as he had no opportunity to excuse himself and he just had to toughen it out and take it.  After all, he thought to himself – “how long could this interview really take?” As he fought in his mind to control himself, he inadvertently passed gas.  The interviewer looked at him with disgust and with total embarrassment then he apologized.  He could not believe that a fart slipped out of his ass while a butt plug was fully intact. He felt numb and started to sweat and turn red.  He could not believe what just happened. He grabbed a water bottle from the interview table and guzzled it down, not realizing that the water would further loosen his bowels. Still trying to concentrate on the interview questions and trying to comprehend why his fart escaped, he was asked to demonstrate on a white board projected profits for the firm if he was hired as a Finance Manager and the steps that he would take to do so.  As he rose from his seat to demonstrate, he noticed that the seat on which he sat prior was rather smelly, brown and wet.  He did not think anything of it as he was secure in the fact that he was wearing an adult diaper so he walked over to the white board to demonstrate.  It was at that moment that he felt a wet gush of liquid run down his legs! His asshole was so numb that he did not realize that he pushed out the butt plug along with a thick pile of runny brown shit and the diaper was so full that it leaked!  All he heard was, “Mr. Mason Smith this interview is over, get the fuck out of my office you disgusting fuck!” And when Mason looked down, shit had stained his pants, socks, shoes and the floor of the interviewer.  He raced to the receptionist and begged for the bathroom to wash his shitty pants and ass and she refused to help him.  The stench of it was so bad that the entire office gathered and when he walked away to exit the office, ashamed and embarrassed – others laughed and pointed at him. He just felt like crawling up into a ball and hiding forever.  He had experienced so much humiliation already and still his runny shit just continued slipping out of his ass.  He tried to flag down cabs but they all refused to take him as they saw the brown showers that saturated his pants so he had no choice but to hang his head in shame as he shed tears as he walked all the way home. Mason made a massive mess and when he arrived home I made him take off his shitty soiled pants and pamper then made him take a spoon from the kitchen and told him to sit on the floor and eat the contents of his smelly turd for dinner.



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