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Brenda’s Nephew Turns Into Brenda’s Baby! (Part 1)
March 11, 2023
Brenda’s Nephew Turns Into Brenda’s Baby! (Part 2)
March 12, 2023




Mommy wants to know all your secrets and fantasies.  Come crawl into mommy’s lap and tell mommy all about it.  Tell mommy what gets you excited and turned on.  And then let mommy make all your fantasies come true.  Mommy Candy loves all fetishes, nothing is taboo or off limits when it comes to having fun.

And while you’re in mommy’s lap telling mommy your darkest desires, mommy will be rubbing you and making you feel so good.  Getting you all worked up and burning with a need to explode for mommy.  That pent up orgasm needing release.  And mommy will help you with it all.

Mommy’s hands will roam all over your trembling body, watching as your body arches and listening to the moans that escape from your parted lips.  Mommy loves nothing more than making you cum.  Making you squirt over and over.  As you squirm and beg for more.

Mommy can be soft and gentle and take care of all your needs or mommy can be extremely naughty and we can get rough and crazy.  Mommy likes it all and more.  There’s nothing mommy doesn’t enjoy.  Mommy will use you or you can use mommy.  Don’t hold back, let mommy know what gets you riled up and randy.

Mommy Candy is exactly what you need to satisfy your cravings.  One taste of mommy and you will be addicted forever.  Mommy is so sweet and will leave you so sticky.  And if mommy thinks you deserve it, mommy might even lick you clean.

Mommy’s touch and tongue will feel like magic as they cause ripple after ripple of pleasure to course through your sensitive body.  Mommy will take you on a trip of pure ecstasy, through role-play, mommy can make all your wildest dreams come true.

Mommy will have you dripping with excitement and ready for more.  Just think of mommy as your own personal Genie, mommy will grant your wishes and leave you feeling satiated and satisfied.  A dreamy smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye, not to mention the panting as you lay there in a wet puddle.

Makes mommy day to help you play.  Mommy enjoys the journey to the final cumming.  And mommy is very open minded and sexual and there are so many fetishes to enjoy.  Fetish fun is for everyone, boy-girl, mommy-baby, daddy-daughter, mom-son, naughty-nice, gentle-rough, anything you can think of, we can try.

Mommy won’t judge you for your kinkiness, let loose and let’s get freaky.  Nothing you can come up with will scare mommy off, so don’t hesitate a moment longer.  Pick up that phone now and call mommy for a much needed adventure.

You can set up either a text/chat session, a phone session or even a Skype call.  Mommy is always available for some fun, unless already in another private session.  There’s a world of endless possibilities out there and mommy is just a simple call away.  So let’s get started!

Remember everyone loves Candy.

Mommy Candy



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