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Brenda Does Filthy Things with Her Son! (Part 2)
January 9, 2023
Brenda Discovers Eric’s Diaper Secret! (Part 1)
January 21, 2023




Mommy sees you wiggling in your squishy diaper. And mommy definitely sees that diaper bulge. Is someone excited in his diaper? It feels so good in that warm, wet diaper, and your peepee is hard and throbbing and in need of a good stroking.

Luckily for you, mommy likes to make her little ones feel good. Mommy enjoys hearing your moans and gasps as you get closer and closer to release. There’s nothing better than seeing your hips start moving and your pee start to drip.

Mommy’s hand slides up and down the length of that twitching peepee. Squeezing and jerking that oozing cock, making pre-cum dribble out of your slit and down to your balls. Those balls are so full of sticky cum for mommy. And mommy is going to milk you of every drop.

Mommy’s warm, soft hands feel so nice wrapped around your hard peepee, and the sounds of your whimpers are music to mommy’s ears. Mommy teases you to the brink over and over again without letting you squirt. Not yet, little one. Soon, mommy will let you orgasm.

You will beg and plead with mommy to let you go. Mommy’s little diaper boy is squirming around, needing to explode. That’s a good boy. Hump against mommy’s hand. Does someone need to cum? Is that peepee so hard it feels like it’s going to burst?

Good!  That’s exactly how mommy wants you—completely at mommy’s mercy. So desperate to cum all over mommy’s hand and your diaper. Mommy smirks and giggles at your predicament. Mommy starts moving her fist up and down faster, squeezing tighter and tighter.

Making you moan louder and louder. We’re getting closer and closer to that blissful gratification. No cupping until Mommy gives you permission. Try to control your animalistic urges; don’t give in. Soon, mommy will tell you when you can finally succumb and eat.

Mommy will let you finally make a sticky, hot mess. Let mommy hear you beg one more time. “Would you please allow me to cook for you, mommy?”Please, Mommy, candy.” Your whining and pleading are just what mommy wants to hear.

Mommy starts jerking your cock even faster. Now, baby, cum for mommy now! Explode your cummies all over mommy’s hand. That’s a good boy. Mommy watches you melt as she squeezes out every drop of jizz. Listening to your pant of satisfaction and exhaustion.

Mommy Candy will take very good care of you. Mommy is here for all your needs and desires. Give mom a call and let mom fulfill all your secret fantasies. Mommy enjoys all fetishes, and nothing is taboo or off limits when it comes to playing with her.

So, pick up that phone and call Mommy today for an unforgettable experience. Mommy is available 24/7 for private text or chat sessions, titillating phone conversations, and Skype sessions. Mommy Candy does it all. Anything and everything you want

From ABDL to zoophilia, mommy likes it all. Let’s get kinky and naughty!

Mommy Candy


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