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abdl baby

Jack was going to go shopping with his mommy today. She came into the abdl nursery to change him from the diapers that  he slept in the night before and she dressed him up in his diaper and t-shirt.  He waited to see if mommy was going to put a pair of pants on him, but she left him as is. He had a diaper fetish and his diaper was just what he needed. Mommy Tawny told him that he may look like an adult from the outside but he really was just a baby on the inside and she was going to make sure that he will always wear diapers for the rest of his life.

As they arrived at the store a plethora of people were staring and pointing at Jack. The ogling eyes of strangers were not looking at Jack because they thought that he was cute, it was because Jack was a grown man who was participating in ageplay as he was dressed up in his diaper and he was not thirty-five he was ten.

So there he was with his mommy being pushed around by his her in a shopping cart as his feet hung over the edges and dangled as his mommy shopped.  After thirty minutes had passed, Jack started letting out a series of noxious odors that appeared to offend the customers in close proximity in the store as they held their noses in disgust.

Mommy knew that it was Jack because he releases gas before it was time for him to do a big poop. Mommy looked for the entrance to the bathroom at the store but the line was too long so it was decided that mommy would make a makeshift changing table at a corner section of the busy store.

Jack was embarrassed because he would have absolutely no privacy, but there was nothing he could do as his mommy was going to change him right in the store.  He was concerned about what was going to come out of his diaper so he started to experience regret for what he did in his diaper and felt a strong sense of diaper humiliation.

Mommy Tawny put a thin plastic sheet over a display table that had no items on it and placed Jack on it.  As she separated his things a few old ladies who appeared to be in shock, stopped dead in their tracks to watch to see exactly what was going on.

It was only after Jack’s soiled diaper was removed that he experienced shame because no one will look at him in adult diapers and take him seriously as some of the contents of the diaper fell on the floor.  So not only did Jack feel the way that he did because he was now naked while his bottom, dick and balls were caked in fecal matter but everyone around him had to pinch their noses.

Mommy Tawny quickly cleaned his up by wiping off all the muck and mess from his genitals, applied some ointment by his inner thighs and massaged some lotion on his genitals, powdered him and placed him in fresh diapers.  He was so happy again and him and his mommy finished shopping for all of his favorite diapers, onesies and t-shirts and they both exited the store to return home.



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