shopping with baby
April 5, 2008
a day with Mommy
April 13, 2008

…to you Dear ones.  I have had a few calls over the past few weeks where the main theme seemed to be, “What is wrong with me? Why do I do this? Am I bad for doing this?” To all those questions I answered no.  This fetish that we have, this need to do what we do, it is not bad, it does no harm to anyone.  It is however, hard to explain to people.  Because it is what it is, sometimes, we get depressed, or have these awful thoughts run through our heads that there must be something wrong in the way we think or that we are mentally sick.  Sweeties, there is nothing wrong with you, nothing in the least.  Do not be ashamed of what you like, be proud, know that there are some of us out here in the world who truly care and cherish you.  To those of you I spoke to recently, please know, that you are in my heart, deeply rooted in love.  You bring me joy and happiness every time I talk to you.  Please remember, that you are outstanding and never EVER let anyone talk you into believing differently, even if that ‘anyone’ is you.

Loving you always,


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