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February 15, 2021
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You Will Now Be Mommy’s Baby
February 18, 2021

ABDL Mommy

“Step mommy loves you so very much, Sweetheart,” is what I whispered in my stepson’s ear as I raised my sweet pussy up from his cock that was soaked in a mixture of my cum and his.  He was so happy to role play with me today as he has an age regression fetish that he wanted to explore for a very long time.

I was so happy when he confided in me his deepest and darkest fantasies and I was so anxious to explore them.  It was so natural for him to go back in time and engage in abdl age regression that it makes me feel that his cock was simply – just meant for my pussy.

I am the only one that he trusts with this secret, this love affair that we have every time that we have an opportunity to be alone to fuck. I always make sure that I am nice and clean shaven as he can be ready to go at any time and I want to be as smooth, silk and sexy as possible for my stepson.

I don’t ever feel the need to compete with any girl his age as I am confident in my own sexiness and I have no need to compare myself to anyone.  My body is healthy, toned and tight – free of any unnecessary lumps, bumps and cellulite.  My tits are full, perky and round and when he sucks them I always throw my head back and close my eyes in order for my senses to be heightened as my stepson sucks on my comforting tits.

The way he would tease my nipples as be would delicately press his teeth down on my areolas until I gasp in excitement, truly turns him on.  Making his stepmommy happy sexually is what he lives for. He knows that his dad can’t step up to the plate, and he knows that I have needs – so he makes sure that he takes care of me in every single way. His body is so hard, smooth and athletic and his cock is work of art.

When he plunges his meaty cut cock into my tight hole it feels like heaven.  He fills me up with every plunge that I grab his ass cheeks and pull him into me even more.  I swear that I could feel his cock all the way up in my stomach as when he fucks me – his dick just takes full control of my body.

It is as if my pussy feeds and completes him and provides him exactly with what he needs. I will always fuck him and he will always fuck me and when we feel like it we will explore every single fantasy.

Whether we role play and engage in forced age regression, incest, bdsm play such as spankings or golden showers, I will always make my body the place for my stepson to cum in me and I will ensure that he is free to enjoy himself completely and play.

Would you also like to role play with me? Call Tawny now for this week’s special – when you book 15 minutes with me, you will get 5 minutes for free.



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