Story time in babyland
November 21, 2007
December 11, 2007

  I was on a call this morning, and to be honest I had to be loud, I had to correct a very bad little boy, tisk tisk tisk!  I was walking around my house doing my call, having a great time, I happen to look to out my dinning room window and my neighbor is straining to hear me.  I thought, wtf (yes grannies think swear words in our minds too, just like you young folk)! So I did the call looking straight at him, being as loud as I could, I would of opened up the window, but the sash is a little tricky and it makes a very loud noise when I open the window.  Now I am wondering, if Mr. Peterburg is into diapers and spankings.  After I hung up the phone, I inclinded my head and he scurried off into his condo.  I think I might make some cookies and take them over to him later on, perhaps bring along a little bag of other goodies as well lol.

Loving you all,

G. Doris (I put G. Doris because it makes me sound like a gangsta; that is correct is it not? Gangsta? Do people even say that anymore? Oh well.)

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