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Adults Who Wet the Bed??
July 19, 2020
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Sweet Mommy For A Sweet Baby!
July 20, 2020

You have been misbehaving constantly lately, and none of the regular disciplinary measures are working the way they usually do. Time-outs, spanking (bare bottom with a paddle), grounding, none of it is putting a dent in that attitude of yours. You’re acting like a preteen whose balls have just dropped, but you’ve forgotten that yours have dropped in an abdl diaper. So, I’m thinking that a little petticoat punishment might be just what we both need, and what you deserve. How does petticoats, girdles, panty hose and frilly dresses sound? Big, curly wigs,  makeup, the whole kit and caboodle for you! I’m thinking that a large amount of humiliation may be exactly what you need to start behaving yourself again. Walking you out in front of the neighbors is definitely on my to-do list, letting them see what you’ve made me do to you. Are you ready for your discipline? Call me for some forced sissification phone sex.

Aunt Brenda


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