Adult Teen Boy Pushing his wet diaper with hand
Mommy Janey Abdl Story Time
December 23, 2018
Girl With Dressed Up With sitting on the table
Pilloried in the Abdl Nursery!
December 24, 2018

Sissy girl Robyn rushed out of her girly dressing room and down the hall, cursing as she felt her lace topped stockings catch on the railing as she was certain they would have a huge, unseemly run in them now. This was the last thing she needed this morning, after all she was already running late to her first class of the day! Robyn’s isty bitty clitty throbbed in her silky ABDL Stacey as she thought about the public punishment she was sure to endure in class. She wavered at the top of the stairs- should she head to class with her feminine stockings in a state of ruin or make herself even later by going back to her room to change? The dilemma was making her so nervous, she wet her panties right there in the hall! What a babyish sissy girl she really was, making a big wet mess. Well, one thing was certain, her sissy fetish lingerie had to be changed now!


Mommy Jackie


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