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June 19, 2022
Wanna Play?
June 26, 2022


Sexy Fun with My Littles: Mommy adores having abdl sex with her adorable abie.Whether mommy is just watching while you guys play or if she joins in, mommy’s pussycat always gets very wet. So just lay back and enjoy it all!

With diaper bondage, mommy can diaper you and then make you fill that diaper up with more than just potty. You will be wiggling and moaning and making a creamy mess in your diaper. And if you’re a good little one, mommy will make sure you experience the ultimate pleasure.

Mommy sees how you two keep sneaking peeks at each other’s diapers. And mommy has seen those sneaky touches quite a few times. A discreet rub to the diaper when you thought no one was looking. Naughty babies!

Mommy will have you begging for release; you will watch that big toy get closer and closer, and oof, right in the mouth it goes. No release yet for you; first you will suck on this cock and get it dripping wet. Then, when mommy thinks you have had enough face-fucking fun, she will pull that diaper down and fuck you good and hard.

A little incest chat to get you all worked up and wet and ready in your diaper. Then, if you’re good Abbies, mommy will let you play together. Humping one another in your squishy diapers, making those diapers even heavier. So much wetness, oh my!

Mommy just loves the sound of crinkly diapers rubbing together, and the moans drifting through the nursery are music to mommy’s ears. Mommy can’t deny her cutie’s creamy fun. And mommy knows you’ll be sleeping like little babies after that.

You’re all tuckered out from your diaper adventures. Bouncing on each other as you enjoy your diapers, rubbing your most sensitive areas, Making you gasp and groan in ecstasy. And when you notice mommy watching, you get even more vocal and start cumming hard in your diapers. Good babies!

Mommy definitely has something to stick in that mouth to keep it busy. All my adult babies enjoy mommy taking control and taking them. Mommy will keep you preoccupied and cavorting for hours. You will beg Mommy for more at the same time you beg her to stop.

And mommy will only stop when she thinks you have had enough. Mommy and the babies will be sticky with cum and out of breath. And eager for more.  And mommy’s good little ones will lick mommy and each other clean of all stickiness.

Eyes shining bright, lips wet in anticipation, and diapers soaked. There’s no better feeling in the world. A warm, squishy diaper rubbing you in all the right places. Making you wetter and wetter. And making mommy happy. Mommy just loves diaper fun.

You can tell how much when mommy rubs her saturated pussy against your adorable little face. You’re struggling to catch every drop and lick Mommy clean. A glistening smile on your face. Your lips are slightly swollen from mommy grinding her pussycat against your mouth.

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