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Aunt Brenda’s Nephew Alan Gets Feminized
April 11, 2021
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Let’s have a shitload of fun with scat play
April 12, 2021


ass play

I had a scat phone sex call today with an adult baby diaper lover name Mandalay and it was so hot. We both used out imaginations to pretend that I was his hot nurse and he was just admitted to the emergency room with stomach pains and I was the one who accompanied him to his hospital bed.  Mandalay was in a lot of pain and his stomach was cramping up really badly and he was just groaning and looking for some relieve.

I asked Mandalay what he ate and he told me he had a smoothie and maybe the fruits had gone bad and his stomach was really in knots.  I told him that I would make him feel better but he needs to get on the toilet and push as hard as he could because he may have some shit that may want to escape soon from his shit hole.  He obliged and got on the toilet and started to push and only a little bit of shit came out in the toilet.

I told him to stand up and go to the middle of the floor in the room and I placed a plastic tarp that I found in a closet and placed it on the floor in front of him.  I told him that though I was his nurse, I suggest that we do some abdl roleplay and pretend that I am his abdl mommy who happens to be a nurse.  Mandalay agreed and I told him to get on the tarp and remain on his hands and knees.

I told Mandalay that there is probably a plethora of trapped shit inside of him so I will have to insert an enema.  I took a fleet disposable enema with a pre-lubricated tip and inserted it in the hole in his ass and he clenched up his ass cheeks. I released a generous amount of water into his anal cavity and his belly expanded.  After a few minutes Mandalay  told me that he could not hold it in anymore and that was when he began spewing a massive amount of shit out of his ass and it fell on the tarp on the floor. Some shit dripped down his legs as well a it looks as if a bunch of it exploded on his ass.

I told him to use one of his hands and take some shit from his ass and collect it in the palm of his hand and wipe it on his face to make a shit mask and he did.  When I saw that there was an excess of it left on his palm I told him that he ought not waste it and he should lick it off until his hand was completely clean.

Would you like the opportunity to experience hot role-play phone sex as well just like Mandalay where you get to fulfill all of your sexy scat fantasies with no limitations?  If so, get to the phone immediately and call me right away and let us play!



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