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Amanda’s Therapist Makes Her An Adult Baby
October 6, 2022
Fuck Me, Daddy!
October 9, 2022



Sissy Faggots Are So Much Fun: I just love playing with little girls. They are so much fun to control. Dressing them up however I want and using them for my pleasure And of course, making sure everyone knows what a good little sissy faggot they are. And they are always so eager to please.

A cute little diaper, an adorable but sexy outfit, and a mouth and sissy pussy that need to be filled And lots of toys to use on the sissy baby. Fun for everyone! Especially for me I have plugs, dildos, vibrators, and strap-ons, and I am ready to use them all.

You’re lucky you’re wearing that cute diaper because when I’m done with you, your faggot pussy will be stretched so wide and your little clitty will be dripping nonstop, not to mention the mess from the sticky cummies you squirted as I pounded you from behind.

Then the clean-up begins. You will lick my cock clean after I finish fucking you. And then you will lick my wet pussy clean, making sure you get every drop of pussy juice. Get that tongue in there as deeply as possible and slurp it all up. And that’s just round one.

After giving you a little time to rest and recoup from your sexual violation, next comes the real, live cocks. That’s right, big, hard, throbbing dicks attached to real men to fuck your little sissy holes. Real cocks will fuck you, stretch you, and then fill you with their hot loads.

You will be dripping and covered in cum. You will swallow load after load of sperm. And you will beg for more. Because after all, you are a little sissy faggot, now, aren’t you? Your pretty little outfit will be dripping from orgasm after orgasm. You will jerk off your cocks, you will suck your dick, and you will spread yourself open and take it all with no complaints.

As soon as one dick finishes inside you and fills your sissy pussy with cum, another will take its place. You will be fucked so good and for so long that you won’t be able to walk. You will have to crawl around like the little diapered sissy baby you are.

Once they have finished with you, you will be exhausted and ready to collapse in my arms. But you’re not done yet. Now you have all those cocks and all that cum to clean up. Once you have licked up every drop, you can lay in my lap and rest.

Now be a good little sissy faggot slut and give me a call so you can be used properly. Your little mouth, hands, and pussycat will definitely get a workout. And your little sister will be throbbing and sensitive for days afterwards. Just moving in your diaper makes it twitch and drip.

And I will enjoy every second of it, as I’m sure you will too. A good little sissy bug that loves to be played with and used mercilessly Click Here



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