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October 16, 2020
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October 17, 2020

Being an abdl mommy like me is one of the most rewarding and amazing jobs and experiences that someone could ever hope to have. Getting to know your babies and realizing just how many different types and personalities that each and every one of your little ones have is such a wonderful part of the bonding process. This week, I really want to take the time to focus on the sweet and soft little babies that I get to take care of. Although every mommy has their babies who are much more naughty and misbehaved than many of her other babies, we love them all just the same and know that we must cater and change our styles of discipline and parenting based on the needs and desires of our little ones. For example, while I do have many babies who are keen on acting up and showing their butt so to speak, I also have sooo many precious little angels who always go above and beyond to show their loving mommy just how hard they are trying to follow all of my rules and stay out of trouble! These sweet little ones are the same ones who need soft and sweet slow sex with mommy  as opposed to the rough and tumble, domination style of sex that my naughty little ones both need and crave. A milf like me knows that we must always stay adaptable and flexible to just what it is that our babies want and need, whether or not they know it themselves! One of my favorite ways to end a nice day with my little ones who are in need of some sweet intimacy with their mommy and this mature pussy is to wind down with a nice warm bubble bath, making sure my baby joins me in the tub so that I can take the time to go nice and slow washing their hair and their body and feeling them relax as I rub and massage. It does not take long for those sweet babies to become like putty in my hand, already taking note of their little pee pees getting nice and hard for mommy, no matter how small they are! After bath time, we head into my room for the rest of our tender evening together and I invite that lucky and special little baby to slip in next to mommy under the silky soft sheets to snuggle up close to me. From there, that baby can close their eyes and lay their head back knowing that mommy is going to take care of everything! My fingers move across their body gently and softly, slowly coaxing that little pee pee to get as hard as it can for me! Good little babies who end up in mommy’s bed know good and well that mommy will be showing them just what they are missing when disobeying.

Mommy Candy
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