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August 16, 2021
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August 19, 2021

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I enjoy rough, sexy, aggressive and long incest phone sex with my stepson and I make sure that we do it long enough so that his meaty and thick dick is always sore when I am done with him.  I want to make sure that he feels some level of soreness that lasts a few days so he will remember me, his step mommy Tawny every single time that he uses his hand to touch his dick.  And, a beautiful dick is what he has – so pretty and long with a beautiful mushroom head. The way that it just glides in and out of my sweet cunt is paradise.

I love the way that my stepson gets to feel when we play, not just any way but – the way that I enjoy to have my sex and that is because I am his abdl mom and whatever hot and erotic fantasy or sexy fetish that he wants us to do, we simply just do it.  If he is a good boy then he will be rewarded for that and if he is naughty he will be punished.  It is just as simple as that.  If he wants to explore his breastfeeding fetish of sucking on my sweet and delicate mammary glands then he will open up his mouth and get lost in my mammary glands.  He would tug gently with his soft lips and his teeth on my puffy nipples and use his wet and stiff tongue to slowly circle around my amazingly marvelous areolas.

The feeling is so enticing and erotic that it would make me leak my sweet pussy juices so much that they would drip slowly down my inner thighs.  I don’t want to waste any of my cunt juices so he would have to direct his head beneath my legs and wrap his hands around my ass to make sure that I don’t escape.  And as he has he captured and he licks me and laps me up I hump his face like there is no tomorrow. My stepson is here to please me, to make my pussy feel so good – but now – he also has to eat my ass.  Come on stepson, open your mouth and suck on your step mom’s sweet ass.

Lick me, taste me, swallow me all up with your mouth as you need to taste me in order to be complete.  I complete you, my sweet juices – I know that you have never tasted an ass this sweet.  My ass is a honey pot, it is creamy as honey, and sweet as sugar and it will remind you of what you were created to do and that will be to please me.

I am a sexy stepmom and I love to have fun with my stepson and I know that you will love to have fun with me also.  My pussy is wet and waiting for you to taste and lick so pick up the phone and call me now so we can fuck the way that it was meant to be.



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