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My ABDL Baby Gets A Taste
April 1, 2020
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Sissy Fun Day
April 7, 2020

Foot FantasyIt is my abdl baby’s job to please me and I adore foot fetish worship.  I desire to have my toes sucked one at a time, followed by the incessant licking of the bottom of my feet. Moving my toes around and around continually in his mouth, feels absolutely tantalizing.  I relish placing my toes on my adult baby’s salivating and rough tongue, while rubbing them back and forth while they walk around in his mouth. I always remind him that his mouth is my pumice stone and I will scrub my feet on his tongue until I am gratified.  He usually tries to speak clearly when I do this, yet he always mumbles, as his mouth is occupied with my foot– “Yes, Dommy Mommy Scarlet, I am your pumice stone.” I enjoy toe fucking him and exploring his hungry wet mouth. My toes tickle the roof of his warm mouth, then they glide under his fleshy tongue. I then stretch out his mouth to its capacity by pushing half of my pointed foot into his welcoming mouth until it reaches the back of his tight throat.  He quivers and quakes as I push my foot in further. “Keep sucking – wash my foot with your mouth ” is what I tell him.  He wants to perform well so endures the foot fucking gag sex and as he chokes on my foot a tear falls down his cheek – I become content. I then place my foot inside the top of his diapee and rip it off with my foot.  It lingers momentarily at the tip of my foot,  then I fling it across the room. He is now exposed and bare in front of me – fully exposed, naked and vulnerable. I glide both of my eyes up and down his nakedness and summoned for him to come closer to me. He crawls over to me on all fours then sat on his buttocks. I take my foot and aim it to his crotch, then I apply a moderate to severe amount of pressure and start rubbing my foot back and forth on his tiny baby sized pee pee and miniature balls. He moans and begs to cum – yet, I don’t allow him to release his sticky and creamy load for several minutes. When I chose the right time, and with my permission – he is finally allowed to cum all over my foot. I then look him in his eyes and tell him, “suck my toes, and lick it all off and don’t you dare waste a drop.”



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