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March 28, 2020
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My ABDL Baby Gets A Taste

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Mommy undressed, and stepped into a hot foamy bath as the suds caressed my nipples and breasts. I love how the water splashed up against my bald and tight pussy. Afterwards, I summoned my abdl baby so he could dry me off. He walks over to me while wearing his crinkly and dry diaper and his short baby t-shirt. He knows just what he needs to do to please his abdl Mommy. This is his reward for when he behaves and he does not have to be sent off to his nursery to be punished for corner time. I love to tell him to lay on his back while he is wearing his dry abdl diaper and it is his job to make me happy. I will direct him to lay on his back as I crawl on top of him and then straddle my legs over his face. I will then squat down and take one of my hands and open up my tight, pretty, wet pussy and direct it to his mouth. I linger it over for a few minutes to tease him and periodically some pussy juices would fall on his lips. He would have to keep it there and not lick or taste it without my permission. He’ll beg and plead to have a taste but he does not decide when the time is right, I do. After I decide that the time is right, I then lower my pretty pink wet cunt on his face and he laps away like this is his last meal. Sucking and licking at my beautiful warm and wet pussy is the perfect way to pleasure me and my baby does it so well. Will you also be my baby?


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