ABDL Cartoons!
February 21, 2020
Teen Boy Loves To wear the adult diaper
Kinky Diaper Masturbation
February 23, 2020
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Terry squirmed on top of his changing table, the strap that Mommy Tawny had buckled around his waist keeping him from going to far on either side.  She gave him a playful swat across his bottom, making him giggle and babble more than he already was. He had his abdl binky in one hand and his fuzzy Teddy in the other, happy and content while Mommy changed his messy diaper.  She cleaned him up with cool baby wipes that felt wonderful on his warm skin, then rubbed diaper cream on him to keep away that icky diaper rash! An abdl diaper was slid underneath him, then the baby powder was shaken out to cover him and the diaper, making him laugh some more at the cloud of powder that fluffs up between his legs. She pulled the front of the diaper against him, taping it up nice and tight, checking to make sure it wasn’t too tight, and told him he had been a good baby for her!  Do you want to be a good baby for mommy? Call me for some age play phone sex and tell me.



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