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December 10, 2021
The Beautiful Diaper Girl
Diaper Girl Stacey
December 18, 2021




You two have been such good Abies this year that mommy and daddy have a special treat for you.  We’ve seen how hard you have been working to behave and do as you’re told.  And it makes us very proud of our little ones.  So mommy and daddy have decided to give you both an early Christmas gift.  We think you will enjoy it very much.

Mommy will give you yours and daddy will give sister hers.  We’ve seen how you look at each of us and the curious glances you give one another.  We discussed it at length and decided this gift was the best choice for all situations.  Mommy is so excited to start.  Time for some fun, for us all.

Come with mommy sweet diaper boy.  A little mom fuck should definitely satisfy your curiosity.  Mommy takes and lays you back on the bed, mommy strips you of everything but your cute little diaper.  Looks like someone is excited, judging by that diaper bulge.  Mommy squeezes your diaper and you, slowly rubbing my hand against your hardness.  As your breathing quickens and your hips start to slowly undulate, mommy pulls your diaper down.

That peepee is so hard and ready for mommy.  Mommy wraps her hand around your throbbing cock and as mommy slides her fist up and down, mommy watches as you start to drip.  Mommy leans down and flicks her tongue over your wet slit, tasting your pre-cum.  Yummy, mommy likes.  Mommy glances over to daddy and sister…

What mommy sees is a scene out of a daddy daughter porn for sure.  Daddy has sister straddling his hard cock, panties pulled to the side as she rides daddy, like a good little girl.  Soon sister is squirting all over daddy’s big dick.  Makes mommy’s mouth water to watch and causes mommy’s pussy to gush.

Soon mommy has your diaper stripped from you and that hard peepee deep inside mommy’s hungry pussy.  When we are done with you two, all of us will be soaked and satisfied.  There’s nothing better than a little family fun time to get everyone in the holiday spirit.  There’s two weeks til Christmas, I think we just found a new family tradition for the holidays.

You have heard of the 12 days of Christmas, now we have a new fun game to play.  Every day til Christmas morning, mommy and daddy will have all sorts of special fun with you two.  The 14 days of fun!  Mommy is already thinking of all the possibilities.  And they are definitely unlimited.

For some fun ABDL Stacey, give Mommy Candy a call anytime to play.  Mommy is available 24/7 for anything and everything.  Don’t be shy, just pick up that phone and dial.  Mommy will do everything else once we are connected.  All you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself.  Mommy will do all the work.

Let mommy make your holidays the best this year, there’s always time for a little fun.  And you will definitely enjoy yourself.

Mommy Candy


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