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September 20, 2020
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September 20, 2020

Mommy Candy was a sweet and loving mommy, who was usually quite patient and understanding with her little ones when they made a mistake, even when that mistake was not so accidental as they might make it seem. She woke her babies up with plenty of kisses every single morning, and they went to sleep with her arms holding them tight all tucked in and snuggled up to their sweet mommy. One day, there was one particular sissy abdl who thought that they would get away with sleeping in all day while everyone else in the house was already up and about. Now mommy Candy is quite lenient and does not enjoy punishing or scolding her babies, but when it is noon and they are still snoring away in a stinky soggy diaper because they care more about sleeping than starting their day and getting taken care of, that becomes a problem! Mommy Candy marched right into the nursery and threw open the shutters, standing at the foot of that crib, glaring at that sissy boy with her hands on her hips. “Excuse me, little one, but just what do you think you are doing still in bed and fast asleep at this hour?” She pointed out the window where the sun was high in the sky and the neighborhood was very much alive. Raising her eyebrows, she reached up under the end of the baby blanket and began to use her fingers to hunt down those cute little piggies for some tickles to wake up that sleepy baby! They began to stir, and Candy lifted the blanket away, and that was when the smell of that full diaper really hit her nose in its entirety for the first time. She let out an audible choke, feeling her eyes begin to water, and she looked down at that pathetic little sissy who was finally starting to open those eyes. “You should have gotten out of bed hours ago so I would have smelled that poopy diaper sooner and given you a proper diaper change!” She sucked her teeth and scooped that stinky little baby up out of their crib and headed straight for the nearest bathroom. She quickly stripped those poopy clothes off that baby without missing a beat and began running the water. Not too hot, not too cold, the water has to be just right for the sensitive skin of one of mommy’s little sissy babies. Once the water is in the tub, some bubbles get poured in just to keep things fun even though that little one is in a heap of trouble for making such a big mess for mommy. Scrub scrub until that baby is squeaky clean and then mommy Candy helps them out holding open a nice warm towel to wrap them up in. Sissy babies should never be so stinky, so they are so lucky to have such a loving mommy to clean up those big poopy messes!

ABDL Mommy Candy
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