Sissy Baby Girl Putting the panties in standing position
Diapered Sissy Babies Love To Play!
November 3, 2019
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You Can’t Hide Your Dirty Diaper From Mommy!
November 10, 2019
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Some abdl’s are naughty and want a naughty mommy to play with. Sometimes babies do get excited and worked up, so Mommy can help with getting that out of their system. Others misbehave and know they need to be punished, so a strict disciplinary mommy suits their needs. Babies also misbehave, some quite often, and would do it even more than that if they knew there wouldn’t be any consequences. Then there are those that are much simpler, sweeter, needing only a soft lap and warm arms around them. A tender voice and gentle touch while getting a diaper change. Maybe some teasing fingers to make them giggle from getting tickled! But all babies have different moods, so at different times a baby might need a little bit of naughty, of strictness and gentleness from their Mommy. Just what mood are you in right now? Call me for some abdl phone sex and tell me exactly what you need.

Aunt Brenda


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