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Phillip Becomes Brenda’s Sissy Toy! (Part 2)
March 5, 2023
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Auntie Gives a Spanking and Gets a Lickin’! (Part 2)
March 10, 2023
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Auntie Gives a Spanking and Gets a Lickin’! (Part 1)

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I let out a big yawn as I walked down the hallway toward my nephew Rodney’s bedroom. It was early morning, and I knew he wouldn’t be thrilled about being woken up for school. But I had to do it. As the adult in the house, I was responsible for ensuring he got to school on time. I opened the door to Rodney’s room and was immediately hit with the unpleasant smell of teenage sweat and stale sheets, creating an almost tangible cloud. As I stepped inside, my eyes had to adjust to the dim light filtering in through the curtains. I took in the room slowly, feeling like a detective at a crime scene.

Piles of clothes scattered about, some on the floor, others on the bed. A poster of a rock band hung lopsided on the wall, and a half-empty soda can be sat precariously on the desk. The bed was unmade, the sheets twisted and tangled, and the pillows were thrown haphazardly on top. I couldn’t help but wonder how long it had been since Rodney had last washed them. A 17-year-old room shouldn’t be as untidied as this. Despite the mess, there was a sense of life in the room. A guitar leaned against one wall, and a stack of books sat on the nightstand. The desk was littered with papers and pens. I wrinkled my nose in disgust but pressed on.

I walked over to his window and pulled the curtains open, letting in the bright morning light. I knew from experience that this was the best way to wake him up. He hated it when I did it, but it was effective. As I turned around to face Rodney’s bed, I was startled by what I saw. He had rolled over in his sleep, and the sheet covering him had slipped down, revealing a still-sticky cum that was collected underneath him after a wet dream. I gasped in shock and recoiled slightly. I had never seen him in this state before. The thought of my nephew having a wet dream made me feel uneasy. I tried to remain calm and collected, but I just couldn’t. I was pissed off. “Get up, Rodney!” I snapped. “You need to clean up this mess you made!” I was angry and frustrated. Rodney was still lying in bed, and I knew I had to wake him.

I strode to the side of his bed and yelled at him, “Wake up, Rodney!” He groaned and rolled over, his eyes still closed. I could see the shame on his face, and I knew he was aware of the mess he had made. “Get up now, Rodney!” I shouted, my voice rising in exasperation. “You need to clean up this mess you made!” Finally, Rodney opened his eyes, and I saw their humiliation. I knew he was probably embarrassed by what had happened. I sat on the edge of the bed and, without hesitating, grabbed him and put him over my lap. Click right here to read the rest and call me for some incest kink phone sex!

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