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March 10, 2023
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Auntie Gives a Spanking and Gets a Lickin’! (Part 2)

(First part) I pushed his face into the puddle of cum to lick it clean as I spanked his bare bottom with my hand. “It’s time to get up, Rodney!” I barked. “You need to clean up this mess you made!” I felt his warm body pressing against mine as he moved closer, his erection pressing against my thighs through my silk house robe and nightie. I could feel his desire for me pressing against my thighs, and I knew I had to do something about it. I hadn’t been spanking him for more than twenty seconds when I felt his body quiver, and he released all over my thighs. Damn! I cursed. I was determined to teach him a lesson about self-control. I pushed him down to his knees and scolded him for making […]
March 9, 2023
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Auntie Gives a Spanking and Gets a Lickin’! (Part 1)

I let out a big yawn as I walked down the hallway toward my nephew Rodney’s bedroom. It was early morning, and I knew he wouldn’t be thrilled about being woken up for school. But I had to do it. As the adult in the house, I was responsible for ensuring he got to school on time. I opened the door to Rodney’s room and was immediately hit with the unpleasant smell of teenage sweat and stale sheets, creating an almost tangible cloud. As I stepped inside, my eyes had to adjust to the dim light filtering in through the curtains. I took in the room slowly, feeling like a detective at a crime scene. Piles of clothes scattered about, some on the floor, others on the bed. A poster of a rock band hung […]
May 1, 2022
ABDL diaper girl with hand in diaper

Amanda Makes A Mom Porn Movie

Amanda Makes A Mom Porn Movie: I have always wanted to be the star of my own feature film, and instead of waiting for another person to put everything together for me, I made the decision that I was going to do it myself. I decided to do my mom porn video with my cute and sexy diaper boy as the type of family sex that I wanted to capture on film for my mom porn; I knew that he would be the perfect person for it. He absolutely loves the camera, and being the center of attention is nothing for him. He is not shy at all, and surprisingly—most diaper boys in my experience have the tiniest of tiny cocks, but not my diaper boy, Bruce—as he has a full, hard, beautiful, and ample […]