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January 11, 2021
Vey Hot Inked Girl Let a Girl Pee in his Mouth

Pissing A Warm Stream Of Golden Showers Into My Submissive’s Mouth

“You gave me the wrong order,” is what I told the waiter as he brought a seared steak to my table.  He was rude and unapologetic and he took the plate away with an attitude.  He returned a few minutes later with a cold version of what I had ordered.  Obviously he picked up the wrong order from the kitchen initially and had my meal sitting out in the open (probably exposed to dust, flies and other airborne particles) and he realized it and brought it to my table. I received the inept plate and told him that this would not be acceptable.  He raised his voice at me and stated that there was nothing he could do because they were understaffed and he mumbled under his breath that I just better eat it.  I […]