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September 12, 2020
Very Big Boys Anus Nude and Teens Butts Fucked

Fist Fucking Fitz

My diaper lover Fitz is in for a big surprise today, and I cannot wait to see how he reacts to it. He just woke up in  big puddle of piss as his diaper leaked out unto the sheets as he soundly slept last night.  Now I am almost finished giving him his bath where he was so happy to be soaped up in his abdl baby tub and to play with his toys.  As I take him with me to the bedroom, he usually knows what is coming next – except today’s diaper change will be a little different than the rest.  As I place his bottom on top of the dry diaper, I lotion up and powder his little dicklet and raisin-sized balls.  I then take my middle finger and stick it inside […]