From Snug to Soggy
December 26, 2022
Clark Caught Wetting the Bed! (Part 1)
December 31, 2022

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(Part 1)

Jeff shrank back from Brenda, his hands reaching for his diaper in shock. He pulled back when he realized he couldn’t put that piss-soaked thing back on and grabbed for his pants to cover his crotch. He was mortified and angry all at once, making him lash out, his voice harsh but low. “Close the damn door! I know I locked it; it was supposed to be locked; get out!” Brenda twisted back to try the lock a few times, then turned to face him, her hands reaching behind her to wrap around the handle. “Locks are not working. I’ll stay here and make sure no one walks in and bothers you, okay?” She smirked at him after saying that, but his goggle-eyed look must have looked funny since it stretched out into a smile.
“Is there a problem with that?”
Her teasing tone didn’t make him feel any better. Jeff opened his mouth to whisper at her to get out furiously; the last thing he wanted was to get anyone else’s attention.
Brenda lifted one finger to her lips, and her soft ‘shhh’ had him closing his mouth. “We don’t have all the time in the world, dear; go ahead and put your clean diaper on, all right? He stood there, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to think of something to say; everything was so odd he was completely off balance. He must have looked more confused as Brenda’s smirk relaxed into a small, easy smile. “We’ll talk about it later, but you want to get yourself looking presentable. Put your diaper on.” The last sentence was said with a bit more force, and Jeff shot into movement before he could even think about it, his hands grabbing his wipes. He paused right before he started wiping, his head tilted down as he looked up at Brenda again, not sure if he should keep going; she couldn’t mean to stand there and watch… but she just kept smiling at him, using one hand to wave at him to continue before putting it back on the handle.
So he did.
Brenda didn’t look away as he cleaned himself, sliding the wipes against his skin. She watched as he slipped the clean diaper between his legs and taped it snugly against him, but motioned for him to stop and come towards her. He should have kept going, but he slowly stepped towards them and got quite shocked when she reached out and slid two fingers into the waistband of his diaper. She gave it two or three tugs, then pulled her hand back. “You did well on the taping, and that’s not something you want to have slipped right off.” And with that comment, she turned around and walked off, throwing him one last look over her shoulder.
Jeff finished getting dressed, walked towards the office, and worried the rest of the day about what Brenda might do with what she knew. Do you think I should be naughty or nice with what I’ve learned?

Aunt Brenda


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