Daddy Uses His Dick for Discipline! (Part 2)
January 1, 2023
Brenda’s Cheating Husband Turned to Silly Baby! (part 2)
January 2, 2023

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“Have you got it?” She asked the hitman whose skin cut reflected the rays from the scorching sun. She resisted the urge to smack him heavily on the head as they sat under the sun. It would make for a good laugh. Brenda had thought. She wondered why the killers and the private detective had little or no hair on their heads. She winced as the sweat ran in torrents from his brow, which he didn’t bother to wipe.

“Here it is,” he said, throwing the big brown envelope onto the table. He had a permanent scowl and talked from one side of his mouth as he fumbled with the packet of Cheroot in his pocket. He held it up and flicked the lighter to light his smoke.

She looked at him for the hint of an expression, but the man’s face was inscrutable. She hesitated to open the brown parcel and did not like suspense. She heaved a deep sigh, searching for a way to escape. Brenda regretted employing the man in the first place.

“Go on and open it and tell me what you see. I don’t have much time.” He puffed hard on his stick and made smoke rings in the air.

The woman fumbled inside the paper and finally brought out the contents. Her hands were shaking, and she tried to keep herself from spilling over. She managed to look at the photos. She grimaced at what she saw. Her fears had come true, and her tantrum over her cheating two nights ago was well-founded. She had been suspicious all along: the late nights, the telltale lies, his evasive looks, his goofy smiles, his staring into space when she thought she wasn’t looking, and his formal excuses to pleasure her at nights. Dylan would always say he was as tired as hell from work and would roll over to the other side to sleep. If they had sex, he wouldn’t last one minute before he came.

From the looks of it, he wasn’t tired at all. He was banging the pretty girl with the whole of his might and must have been out of this world in a sexual la-la land when the detective took photos of them.

Now what? The thought was to herself as her heartbeat sped up faster. She tried not to think the naked man with a plump blonde also naked was her husband. There was no denying that her good-for-nothing cheat loafed about, looking for young girls from the state’s university nearby. One of the pictures showed them doing it in the woods. She scrunched up her face to show her agony.

“Where’s this place?” She pointed to the area she didn’t seem to recognize in the picture.

“That would be the park. I caught him there, slipping it”. 

“Jeez! Couldn’t he even find a room or something? Why the public park?”. She was distraught and visibly enraged. She clenched her teeth several times. Her eyes showed red under the thick mascara she wore. She saw the slut with whom he’d been frolicking about town. The more Brenda looked at the image, the more she wanted to find something to punch. It was like her dumb husband didn’t know how to clean up his tracks. There was no way he would’ve known if she was the one who was cheating.

“What should I do with him, ma’am? Should I kill him?” He made a gesture by passing a finger across the throat and said it was the simplest thing in the world.

“No. I know just the thing to do to him.” Brenda smiled as she looked at the man with a faraway look. What’s going to happen? Click right here to find out.

Aunt Brenda


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