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Daddy Uses His Dick for Discipline! (Part 1)
January 1, 2023
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Brenda’s Cheating Husband Turned to Silly Baby! (part 1)
January 2, 2023


(First Part)

Amanda swayed, her hips shifting sensually in time with his administrations. “You’re enjoying yourself, huh?” He said to her as he undid his fly and fished out his ample cock. “Don’t get used to it.” “Daddy—” Amanda started to speak before he seized the delicate curves of her hips and pulled her rear toward his crotch, bringing her puckered ass in line with his engorged tip. Richard gave a raspy growl and pushed harder until Amanda could feel her rim expanding, her sensitive opening resisting the mounting pressure. Richard moved until he broke through, and then for Amanda, it was pain. Daddy’s cock felt like it was splitting her wide open!

“Ow! Daddy, it hurts! Please, stop!” Amanda stretched her hands out to press against his stomach, which did nothing to stop him. “I don’t think so, honey,” Richard breathed heavily. “Punishments are supposed to hurt.”

“This one hurts so bad.” Amanda couldn’t hold back her pained sounds.

“Well, you did a very, very bad thing.” As Richard continued burrowing into his daughter’s virgin ass hole, Amanda felt every bump and vein along her breached sphincter, and still, she was yet to take in all that he had to give completely. Her insides were mercilessly stretched, but it was nothing compared to the pain she was feeling at her center—pain that sent ferocious shocks into her cervix and compelled her walls to clench and grip her member even tighter. Though that only served to cause her even greater agony. In time, her cheeks squished onto his lap, and his balls pushed against her frothing sex. When she tried to scream again, her lungs only produced breathless gasps. Her eyes were wide and trembling, tears streaming down either side of her face, and she tasted their rich, salty flavor on her lips. Richard paused momentarily, and his shaft retreated, allowing her insides to settle into their former places. When he thrust again, this time he drove into her so deeply that Amanda felt the tip of his cockle rear its head inside her colon. Her back wrenched reflexively into an arch as she tried desperately to escape the pain. “Fuck. You’re so damn tight,” Richard remarked with a savage grunt. His thrusts accelerated, his balls violently slapping against Amanda’s quivering ass. Then something strange happened within her core—the pain still existed there, but it wasn’t causing her to suffer anymore. The pain was changing somehow—almost like her body was adjusting, her internal resistance subsiding to allow his intrusion. Maybe even welcome it.

Her womanly nectar was flowing freely now, and her screams of pain had turned into cries that were broken up by short gasps every time he stabbed her.And then she was moaning. Amanda almost did not believe she was enjoying this. But just now, her father’s cock was beginning to feel so good that she caught herself wishing that he would take her even harder. Richard felt a familiar tingle in his balls. Before he could comprehend the sensation, however, he was already spurting warm, sticky sperm deep inside her colon in what felt like gallons, enough that some of it was leaking out from where they were still joined and onto the mattress.

“No,” Amanda protested. “I didn’t get to cum.”

“I’m sorry, do you want a spanking as well?” he asked her as he pulled his member out of her gaping anus. Amanda sniffed. “No.” “That’s what I thought.”

Naughty Amanda


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